Addressing the Skill Shortage

Kevin Watson - Director of Business Development ·

My wife and I are currently in full-on nesting mode as we prepare for the arrival of our second child. Throughout this nesting process, I have had the chance to reflect on the twenty months that have passed since our first son, Alexander, was born.

If I am being honest with myself, I was terribly inefficient at so many things during those first few months after our son was born. Everything from changing a diaper, to installing a car seat, to setting up and breaking down a pack-and-play took WAY longer than it does today. So what changed? Practice, practice, practice.

Luckily for me (and probably 95% of new parents), you don’t have to pass an interview or a test to get the job.

But for a minute, let’s imagine a scenario where, in order to become a new parent, you did have to pass an interview, just like in the business world. What if getting “hired” as a parent was contingent upon being able to hit the ground running and being able to perform all of the parenting-related tasks on day one?

How are you realistically expected to acquire the skills that it takes to install a car seat, securely buckle a child into a car seat, and safely give an infant a bath if even family members and close friends might be leery to let you practice? After all, a human life hangs in the balance if you get some of these tasks wrong.

The catch-22 is that you can’t get hands-on experience because you don’t have hands-on experience…and you don’t have hands on experience because you can’t get hands-on experience. I see this scenario played out in the business world every single day. An employer won’t hire someone because they have skill gaps, and then complain that they can’t find any qualified people.

The job seeker complains that they can’t get hired due to the skill gaps, and are frustrated because they don’t know how to bridge those skill gaps. ...and the cycle continues.

We at EDSI got tired of sitting by and watching this play out time and time again, and have made a huge push to help become a part of the solution.

We have been busy working with workforce development, economic development, educational and industry partners to create custom-tailored training boot camps. We are working with educational providers to more closely align their curriculum to meet the demands of the business community. We are working with organizations to help develop customized training solutions, apprenticeship programs, etc. We are working with organizations to create knowledge transfer programs as mission-critical employees start to retire. If there is a need to develop talent, we are involved in coming up with a solution.

While we have plenty of best practices to share, we are working with our clients to develop “next” practices that will completely reshape how they address the impending skill shortage.

If you would like to set up a free one hour brainstorming call, we are happy to help get you started on your talent development journey.

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