Career Sculpting

Beth Seraydarian - Talent Development Specialist ·

Have you ever left a conversation with someone and thought, “she doesn’t get me?” Or, perhaps you have a customer you’ve tried to identify with in order to have more productive conversations. This was the situation Adria Strausbaugh found herself in when she was initially referred to Career Sculpting. Adria was, and still is today, a manager who we are interested in developing and retaining. Before we read more about Adria’s story, let’s take a closer look at Career Sculpting, one of EDSI’s talent development programs.

Career Sculpting helps EDSI develop the capabilities of current and future leaders. Two of the intended results of the program are increased engagement and retention of our team members.

Career Sculpting provides team members with an opportunity to:

  • Connect with what drives and motivates them
  • Change their perspectives through individual attention and learning
  • Focus on the future

Members of the program are paired with a career sculptor who acts as a coach. The purpose of the relationship is to discuss the employee’s strengths, career aspirations and areas of personal learning and development. Each relationship is different, depending on individual goals and circumstances. For Adria, we focused on a current situation with a customer that was de-energizing and found solutions based on Adria’s strengths to create a win-win for her and the customer.

An EDSI Program Manager in York, PA, Adria has been part of the Career Sculpting program for the past four years. She shares her experience below:

Career Sculpting was a great connection to other projects that interested me and allowed me to explore my strengths as well as other aspects of EDSI, outside of my program. By working on these other projects, I was not only able to develop my strengths, but was also able to find out some areas that did not fit with my skill set.

The results I have seen from this process and opportunities it has provided have been amazing. Through the targeted exercises and topics we covered that were driven by what I was experiencing as a manager at the time, I was able to identify what I struggled with or what did not come naturally to me as a leader, and then develop ways to improve those areas.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits was just knowing that I was part of a company that cared about me, wanted me to grow with them and found value in keeping me as an employee. Though that is not necessarily a focus of Career Sculpting conversations, it is a message that comes through loud and clear throughout the process and means so much to the person on the receiving end of it.

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