Dear Hero

Laura Warrington - Delaware County Program Manager ·

Our participants need to take a one-week break during Job Search to participate in another activity such as Community Service. Since it is only one week, we came up with community service activities our participants can complete either in the office or in the community themselves. One activity includes writing a letter to the troops. The letter below, written by Yolanda, brought tears to our eyes. Her children colored the pictures themselves. Yolanda, a single mother of three, is currently ready to take on two jobs, all while going to school to obtain her bachelor’s degree in nursing. She is truly remarkable.

Dear Hero,

I want to begin by saying thank you for your selfless and courageous effort to serve and protect the citizens of our great country. Without great individuals like you, we would not have all that we have today, such as our country’s independence, freedom and constitutional rights which rest in your hands. Like angels, you and thousands of others like you, watch over us and protect us all as we share and create lasting memories with our families and friends, as we commute to and from work and school each day, and as we rest our heads to sleep each night.

I am a single mother with a 9-year-old son named L.J. I also have two daughters, Amya who is 8, and Tamia who is 7. I explain all the great things that I know of that you do for us as one of their bedtime stories. Whenever we talk about “The Heroes,” my son likes to tell me how cool and awesome he thinks you guys are! He actually wants to be an engineer when he grows up. Amya wants to be a doctor, and Tamia wants to be the Pink Power Ranger (chuckling within). I am still working on her, so you have to excuse her. I mention this not only to tell you about the most important people in my life, but to inform you that I know that you and other people who fight by your side are the keys to our future. It is such a prestigious honor to have people like you watching over my children.

I may not know the colors of your hair, eyes or skin, but one thing I can say is that none of that matters to me. What you do for us emits a vision of love that is priceless. The countless hours you devote to your country each day to train and strategically plan ways to enforce or improve the safety of civilians in and around the United States of America is more than just commendable. In my opinion, it’s beyond words.

Each time you deploy, my prayers go with you, your fellow troops, family and friends who supply you with a reason to care and eliminate any threat to our home. Like great guardians, you watch over my brothers and sisters, and elected officials who dedicate their time to filter ways to continue to maintain life’s cycle.

Although there is nothing that I can give you in material possessions or wealth that you can hold in your hands to thank you for your service, that which I can give you is a promise that now and forever I give you my love, my respect and my eternal gratitude for all that you do for us.

I hope my words, although few, give you an idea of how I feel inside. I pray for your health and safe return home to your loved ones as soon as possible, and in my heart your personal sacrifices will never be forgotten or mistaken for anything else but love.

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