Do More with Less – Or is it Less with Less?

Chuck Mouranie - Partner and Managing Director ·

Organizations are constantly challenged with increased market pressures and declining budgets. This is even more prevalent as we approach a slowing economy. In order to optimize staff efforts, tough decisions are required, potentially resulting in layoffs, elimination of benefits, reduced customer support, or closing facilities.

The result of this “more with less” philosophy ultimately causes increased stress on existing staffs. It tends to place more burden on the highest performers who remain from downsizing. Eventually, these performers become disenchanted with the organization, yielding reduced customer satisfaction and inevitable revenue reduction. Another downside of this decision is when valued employees give up on the company or organization and seek employment elsewhere.

Consider another way to handle this situation by doing “less with less.” Legacy products and services with declining demand could be eliminated refocusing the organization on the most important functions and profit making products. This too, is a difficult decision, but critical to the overall value to customers, profitability, and in some cases, survival. Forward-thinking organizations address this during good times in preparation for the inevitable.

A solid company is constantly redefining itself. This culture of transformation allows for flexibility within the structure; a team that embraces and anticipates change; openness to new ideas and processes; with all yielding organizational strength and success. Calculated risk is deemed positive with leadership energizing the team by allowing them to dream of success; an empowerment approach. Communicating the cultural changes becomes the most critical element of the strategy.

Let’s recap. Doing “more with less” eventually gives you less – not more. It might be a near-term improvement, but ends up being a longer-term disaster. Doing “less with less” refocuses the organization to maintain or improve customer satisfaction and profitability by narrowing the organizational reach to those things that are truly important.

Our team of operational performance experts can assist your firm in refocusing. We not only work with you to create the strategy, we also put boots on the ground to help implement the agenda. Our goal is to assure success and transform the organization to a culture of continuous improvement and introspection.

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Chuck Mouranie – Partner and Managing Director EDSI Consulting