Finding the Right Talent Doesn't Have to Feel Like Hunting for Unicorns

Kevin Watson - Director of Business Development ·

Has your organization ever gone “Unicorn Hunting?” If so, it probably played out like this:

  • Somebody within the organization decides that you need to go find a mythical and elusive unicorn
  • You post ads trying to get a unicorn to wander in off the street and when no unicorns appear, you send people out to try to hunt for one
  • After a lengthy and futile search you get frustrated because you don’t find any unicorns
  • The moment you decided to give up on the hunt, you finally find a unicorn
  • Five different people want to weigh in on whether this is the best unicorn you are going to find and the best way to capture the unicorn
  • By the time everyone agrees that this is in fact the best unicorn, and agrees on the best way to capture the unicorn, the unicorn has wandered off
  • After several months of searching for another unicorn, you decide to go find a horse instead (which is WAY easier)
  • Once you find a horse you like, you realize that the horse can do just about everything you needed the unicorn to do, and that you never really needed a unicorn in the first place

If this story hit too close to home, you are not alone. This story gets played out countless times every single day.

This happens so frequently because many organizations are making hiring decisions based off of broad brushstroke job descriptions that are often outdated. As a result there is a mismatch between what they think they need, and what they truly need.

Many of these frustrations could be eliminated if organizations conducted a Job Task Analysis to determine exactly what responsibilities and tasks they truly need employees to perform.

*If you are interested in learning more about the Job Task Analysis process, we would be happy to set up a 30 minute call to help get you started down this path.

This blog was written by Kevin Watson, Director of Business Development with EDSI.

He can be reached at (517) 402-2732 or

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