Give a Little Whistle - Performance Management Systems That Work

Stephanie Edwards - WIOA Adult Program Coordinator ·

An oddly high number of crickets have been chirping near the Brunswick County Career Center lately. How serendipitous it is that the song, “Give a Little Whistle” by Jiminy Cricket came up in conversation with a team member on the topic of doing what’s right. People are often told to let their conscience be the guide in making decisions, but when you can’t rely on your conscience, “Give a Little Whistle” and instead let your Values be your guide. A conscience can waiver with emotion and vary from person to person, but a stable and unchanging set of company values and code of conduct standards can help guide a team toward success, especially when the team is faced with challenging decisions.

An EDSI team is in the process of working with the U.S. Tobacco Cooperative to develop the first performance management system in the Co-op’s history. This means that their team will have a measurable way to give employees feedback and guidance on meeting specific goals, and as a result, make decisions easier! It’s so nice to be rewarded for a job well done, and a performance management system helps employees get recognized for the hard work they put in.

When the Cooperative makes decisions, they’ll now have a way to measure performance using their own values and code of conduct to guide them. For example, one of their core values is Honesty and Integrity. A guiding question to put on the performance review might be “I perform my job to the best of my ability with the highest level of honesty and integrity, regardless of what others are doing.” Once this question is in the Performance Management System, the company can use this value to encourage every employee to act with honesty and integrity on the job because it will be a part of his/her performance review.

We are honored to be part of the transition to using a Performance Management System that keeps the values and key performance indicators of the Co-op in mind, thus helping their employees exceed expectations!

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