Goodbye 2016 – And Thank You

Casey White - Director of Marketing ·

Another year has come and gone. As I say goodbye to 2016 and welcome in 2017, I know I have so much to be grateful for.

In fact, this past Thanksgiving offered a unique opportunity to reflect. Unfortunately, the athletic activities of my past caught up with my body – and it was finally time to dive in for surgery on my ailing ankle. The two weeks following surgery were admittedly challenging. I strive to live an active lifestyle, and I’m not very good at asking for help; not a great combination for someone laid up for two weeks!

The experience did have a silver lining though … it provided a lot of great thinking time. Of course, I thought about how fortunate I was to have great friends and family in my life. I thought about the wonderful trips my family experienced in South America and Europe this year. I also thought about my career and how grateful I feel to work at EDSI, a company who cares about me as a person and really does put people before profits.

I believe taking the opportunity to recognize the truly great things in our life is important. We live in a time and culture where it is easy to both consume and contribute to negative information. Social media, online review platforms and good ole word of mouth allow us to get a message out more thoroughly than ever before. Consider these few statistics from the linked article in the Harvard Business Review:

  • 48% of people who had negative experiences told 10+ people about it.
  • 23% of customers who had a positive experience told 10+ people about it.
  • 25% of customers are likely to say something positive about their customer service experience.
  • 65% are likely to speak negatively about their customer service experience.

One could say, according to these statistics, I’m breaking the mold in sharing my exceptional experience as an employee at EDSI. I feel connected to our mission to help others, our values of “Show Up, Smile, and Support,” and I feel our culture and balance fits perfectly with my personal and professional goals.

So if you are looking for a totally biased opinion about what it’s like to work at EDSI – I’m your guy. :) And if you are looking for an unbiased opinion, check out our awards page:

I’m proud to work for an organization that has been recognized as a National Best and Brightest Company to Work For and a Cool Place to Work (among many other awards in 2016). And I’m even more excited about what I know our EDSI team will accomplish together in 2017.

Thanks to all of our customers and partners for making 2016 another great year. If you are wondering whether or not your employees are still feeling engaged in your organization, let’s chat! I know I can connect you with someone at EDSI who can help develop a roadmap to make your organization an even better place to work.

Sincerely, Casey

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