My EDSI Internship Experience

Danny Blade - Intern ·

I couldn’t believe people actually woke up excited to go to work until I started my internship at EDSI. The experience launched me out of bed every morning. I couldn’t help it; I was excited to go to work! I was excited to do what I loved with my awesome coworkers.

The culture at EDSI is unbelievable. Everyone is interactive and willing to lend a helping hand whenever you need it. Your opinions are always valued and encouraged no matter where you stand in the company. Going out to eat with the CEO and the directors is not unordinary, it’s typical. Never once have I been given a chance to pay for a bill at a restaurant or food delivered to the office. The culture at EDSI is like no other company. People truly care about you at work and outside of it. There have been many times that coworkers have attended my sporting events and ceremonies. This reflects the true identity of the people in this company.

The opportunities I’ve been given have far exceeded my expectations of an internship. Countless times I’ve sat in on financial, director, internal development, and social media meetings, allowing me to see individuals collaborate at the highest level of their expertise. I’ve worked with municipal officials to create materials to assist jobseekers and employers in the Chicago metropolitan area, collected and calculated workforce data, given weekly reviews on the art of presenting, assisted in research and development for the new website, and designed materials that will help mentors in the construction industry of Pennsylvania. These were all projects that I enjoyed working on. I learned more than I could have ever imagined. I will carry the lessons and knowledge that I learned with me for the rest of my life.

Outside of all the cool projects, one thing I loved the most about my internship were the great friendships I built. Listening to stories about Mark’s fish and the mysterious heron, Jamie’s courageous daughter Aubrey, Jen’s short-lived stardom in Bali, Casey’s life- changing backpacking trip, and Kevin’s unforgettable week as a teacher left the biggest dent in my heart. The lunch and in-between work conversations were one of the things about work that I loved so much. Stories that brought me so much closer to the people here at EDSI. These were the things that shot me out of bed every morning, happy to go to work.

I want to thank EDSI from the bottom of my heart for giving me this great opportunity. This experience has allowed me to learn and grow as a professional and as an individual. The connections I have made with the people here and around EDSI will last a lifetime. This company has given me more than I could ever ask for and I feel truly blessed to have been given the chance to work here.

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