People - Process - Perspective

Kevin Schnieders - Chief Executive Officer ·

People ask me about the keys to EDSI’s growth. I always find myself coming back to the same three elements – PEOPLE, PROCESS AND PERSPECTIVE. While there are dozens of things that have contributed to our good fortune, it is the unique combination of those elements, that we feel make EDSI special and unique.

1) Our People: Everyone says it, right? Everyone says that “their people” are the most important aspect of their business. It is referenced in countless marketing materials. I have always believed that you are able to feel the sincerity of those statements when you first walk through the entrance of a company. If they do put people before profits, it will be expressed in the actions of their representatives. We are fortunate to work with exceptional people. We feel that they are the very best, and we do our very best to support them in all that they do. We also work to ensure that everyone is applying their strengths to what makes them feel most energized 90% of the time. When we reference energy, we’re really talking about happiness. We want people to be as happy as they can possibly be in their professional lives. However, a lot of people still look at me like I’m crazy, when I start talking about happiness at work. Most of them act like I’m going to ask if I can shampoo their carpets in the very next sentence. So, we’ll continue to talk about energy, and pretend that we are measuring something very “practical,” that returns a “solid bottom line performance.” I’ll continue to smile, knowing that our people are really, really happy.

2) Process: We just passed our ISO 9001 audit for the 15th year. As one of the very first adopters of the system in our company, I can sincerely endorse that ISO’s Level III Procedures/Process Flows have helped us replicate our success across more than 30 locations. For us, it’s critically important that people understand what is expected of their efforts, and how they can make a positive impact across the organization.

3) Perspective: It is not unusual for us to call in a handful of people to assist one office or project. Our experts are EDSI representatives who work outside of that office, on a daily basis. We operate under the belief that when you live in the fishbowl, you are often too close to the work to see the required solutions. How many times do we step over shoes in our homes, or miss a dust ball in the corner of a room? Our improvement teams facilitate conversations that always lead to the most effective improvements. Finally, our Managers and Administrators work hard to practice Servant Leadership. The first question out of all of our mouths will be: “How can I help you?” That intent, combined with our effort to see through the eyes of others, leads to a cooperative perspective and a positive, sustainable culture.

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