Success Story - Abeer Wahdan

Livonia PATH Team ·

Abeer Wahdan began participating with EDSI at the Livonia Michigan Works! PATH Office in August 2015. Earlier in the year, Abeer had accepted a relocation assignment from her employer and moved from Illinois to Michigan. Shortly after arriving here, the company closed down Abeer’s new location, and she found herself unemployed. Abeer obtained part-time employment, however she was unable to support her family with the hours offered. She applied for cash assistance and entered into her Application Eligibility Period (AEP) motivated to find full-time employment that would lead her to self-sufficiency.

During her AEP, Abeer recognized the need to update and rework her resume. She met with EDSI staff to complete the task and prepare herself for future interviews. In addition, Abeer researched career options based on her interests and skills. She met with a Career Advisor in the medical field and decided to pursue a career in Medical Assisting. As Abeer transitioned into the PATH program, her Career Development Facilitator assisted her with requesting and obtaining PATH supportive services to fund her training.

On September 21, Abeer began her training program. To date, she has completed three of the ten offered certifications, scoring 100% on each test. Abeer reflects on her progress, stating that “As hard as it was on my ego, I was left with no other choice but to apply for cash assistance. Thankfully, I was required to attend the PATH program. I was assigned the best case worker, Courtney Campbell, who took the time to listen and to help me explore my career options. She helped me get into the Phlebotomy Career Training School in Garden City. This has tremendously helped my family and me. It provided me with a career rather than just pursuing a job. This is definitely not what I expected!”

Abeer completed her training course in December. In addition to attending her classes, she continued to work two part-time jobs, employed as Senior Client Relations with Blue Diamond Limousine and as an Insurance Agent for IHT Insurance Agency, both located in Dearborn. EDSI is extremely proud of Abeer’s commitment and progress towards her career goals. We are excited to see where her continued success takes her!

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