Success Story - Alexandra Favors

Livonia PATH Team ·

Alexandra Favors enrolled in the Application Eligibility Period/Partnership, Accountability, Training, Hope (AEP/PATH) program at the Livonia Michigan Works! on October 10, 2015. She had recently relocated to Westland, Michigan from Florida, and along with learning how to navigate a new area, Alexandra had a transportation barrier that was affecting her ability to secure employment. At her PATH orientation, Alexandra met with EDSI’s staff to discuss her employment goals and develop a plan to achieve them. She needed to obtain a Michigan driver’s license, and she received PATH supportive services funds to get the license. Alexandra also utilized EDSI’s van shuttle service to travel to the PATH office for job readiness activities. Resolving her transportation barrier moved Alexandra closer to her goal of employment.

Taking full advantage of the services provided within the PATH program, Alexandra met with staff to update her resume and prepare for interviews. Her Career Development Facilitator (CDF) encouraged her to go to a job fair. Alexandra later expressed, “I was a little unsure about attending, but I ended up taking my fabulous resume to the career fair, … and surprisingly, I received several interviews and job offers, one of which I finally accepted. It has a great schedule, pay rate and the opportunity to be promoted quickly.” Alexandra began working at the Royal Hotel and Convention Center in Dearborn as a part of the sales administration team on October 19, 2015. She has a full-time position with benefits and a wage she is satisfied with.

In November, Alexandra applied for supportive service funds in order to purchase a vehicle. Her request was approved, and when she arrived at our office to pick up her check, Alexandra shared the following thoughts about her PATH experience: “I could not be more pleased with myself or my CDF, Courtney Campbell. She motivated me to keep trying, and sometimes that voice and support from someone else is all we need. Today, I am a single mom of three small boys, working full-time as a Sales Administrator at a nice hotel. I now have a single family home and soon will have a vehicle thanks to the PATH program! I can’t say that it has been an easy process, but coming out of a divorce in another state with next to nothing, it is a breath of fresh air to have a program like PATH on my side. I am truly grateful for all the help, resources, time and effort put into making me self-sufficient, career-ready and able to stand on my own two feet again!”

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