Success Story - God's Precious Treasures

Livonia PATH Team ·

On September 8, 2016, EDSI partnered with Patricia Simmons, LLMSW, from God’s Precious Treasures, a local Maternal Infant Health Program (MIHP) provider, to host Mommy/Daddy Day at the Michigan Works! Livonia Service Center’s PATH Office. MIHP ( provides home visitation support and care coordination for pregnant women and infants on Medicaid. Ms. Simmons conducts presentations at the Livonia PATH Office to share information about MIHP and the resources available through her agency’s team of Social Workers, Registered Nurses and Nutritionists. They offer services for Childbirth and Parenting Education, Psychosocial Counseling, Housing, Breastfeeding Education, Employment Referrals, Food Bank Memberships, Baby Items and more.

EDSI staff members Courtney Campbell and Patricia Hindman worked with Ms. Simmons to plan a special event, Mommy/Daddy Day, for eligible parents participating in Michigan Works! programs. Patricia and Courtney worked diligently to acquire new baby and parent items for prizes and even acquired a Pack ‘n Play as a door prize donated from Cribs for Kids in Pennsylvania. Ms. Simmons brought a wealth of baby items as well.

At the event, attendees participated in various games, and healthy refreshments were served during the day for all to enjoy. The participants earned “Baby Bucks” throughout the event, which enabled them to purchase additional items for their babies, such as diapers, bottles, toys, lotions, etc. This was a financial learning exercise, and everyone was very careful to budget their Baby Bucks! Participants were very happy with the knowledge they gained pertaining to their pregnancies and infants, and they appreciated meeting others who were going through the same or similar life changes. The event helped them realize that they were not alone and that people truly cared. For those who were pregnant with their first child and lacking a strong support system at home, this was an especially valuable experience.

Ms. Simmons congratulated EDSI on the successful event; she had not previously participated in this type of activity with a Michigan Works! office and hoped that EDSI would host an event in the future. The event helped God’s Precious Treasures enroll new MIHP participants who will now receive assistance throughout their pregnancy and during the child’s first year. All of the moms and dads, along with Courtney, Patricia and Ms. Simmons, truly enjoyed this fun and educational event.

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