Success Story - Livonia Youth Open House

Livonia WIOA Youth Team ·

Earlier this year EDSI hosted a Youth Program Open House at the Michigan Works! Livonia Service Center.

The goal of the Open House was to introduce the Youth Program to members of the community and connect with local youth who may be eligible for the program. EDSI’s Youth Program staff organized the event, which included an introduction to the WIOA Youth Program, employment and educational resource displays, career readiness games, a walking taco station and a raffle with lots of great prizes!

Held during the evening, the event allowed for people to engage with us after their work or school hours.

More than 40 attendees participated, including staff and students of Livonia Public Schools’ Adult Education Program. Members of EDSI’s PATH and WIOA Program teams provided support and everyone really enjoyed the event. One participant from Livonia Adult Education said, “I had lots of fun. The food was great! When is the next event?”

As a result of the Open House and our follow-up contacts with attendees, EDSI achieved 10 new enrollments for the Youth Program!

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