Success Story - Micahh Scott

Livonia PATH Team ·

Micahh Scott began participating with EDSI on July 7, 2015, when she entered into the AEP (Application Eligibility Period). She entered the program with a year of administrative experience and a desire to return to work in the clerical field. Within her first weeks of participation with EDSI, Micahh took steps to enhance her job readiness. She met with staff to create a professional resume that highlighted her administrative abilities, and practiced her communication skills and business etiquette through mock interviewing. Micahh also applied for and received PATH supportive service funds to purchase professional clothing.

As she diligently searched for employment, Micahh recognized her need to remain relevant in the workforce by having current experience. She decided to participate at EDSI’s on-site internship in order to increase her skills. At the internship, Micahh improved her typing, increased her knowledge of Microsoft Office and acquired new skills while working in the scanning and business services departments. As she continued to seek ways to grow her skill level, she accepted the opportunity to job shadow EDSI’s administrative assistant. She learned how to manage front office duties, including tasks that made her resume more relevant and marketable.

Through networking, Micahh learned of an administrative position with Life Center Incorporated of Livonia. She expressed concerns regarding her transportation needs and met with EDSI staff to problem-solve potential solutions. After working through various options, she forwarded her resume to the company, who immediately offered her an interview. A second interview followed, and on January 6, 2016, Micahh received an offer for full-time employment as an Administrative Assistant. As Micahh prepared for her January 18 start date, she arranged for transportation through both her own support network and EDSI’s shuttle service. Within the first few weeks of her employment with Life Center, Micahh applied for supportive service funds to purchase a vehicle, and on February 19, she received her supportive service check, alleviating her transportation difficulties. She is well on her way toward further successes, and we are excited to see her continue in her career goals!

Micahh shared about her experiences in the program as follows: “When I first came to EDSI, I felt down. I was in the midst of getting my life back on track. Little did I know, that coming here would be one of the best things I would ever do in my life. At the internship, I learned how to type and use lamination machines. I also enhanced my Microsoft Excel and Access skills, along with improving my interpersonal skills. I feel like the staff pushes you where you need to be pushed. Their belief in you boosts your self-confidence and shows you that you can do whatever you set your mind to. I am a stronger person coming out of this program than I felt before going in. Now, I have a position at Life Center where I help people and the community. I get to work in different capacities at the company. This is full-time employment with great benefits for my child and me! I am very elated to finally have a job after so many disappointments and setbacks. I can honestly say that I am very proud of myself and couldn’t have done it alone. I will always be grateful for my experience here at EDSI. I love the quote by Colin Powell because he says, ‘Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.’”

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