Success Story - Nakel Banks

Livonia WIOA Youth Team ·

Nakel Banks began participating with the WIOA Youth Program at the Livonia, Michigan Works! One-Stop location in March, 2014. She entered the program as a high school graduate in search of employment.

As Nakel engaged in program services, she took advantage of job fairs and attended career-focused informational sessions to explore opportunities for employment while considering her future profession. By summer 2014, Nakel had obtained employment as an assembly line worker. She also enrolled in college courses at Schoolcraft College to pursue a degree in forensic science. Nakel shared that “I was excited to study and to have a steady income while in school. I had and have a great balance between work and school. I think it makes a strong and well-rounded person to do both.”

Nakel became engaged with EDSI staff in August 2016. Upon meeting with her new career coach, Nakel communicated her expectation of completing her Associate’s Degree in Forensic Science by June, 2017. She reported a consistent grade point average and steady progress toward her educational goals. In addition, Nakel expressed a desire to improve her skills within her current company, S&K Staffing. She shared with her career coach that becoming certified to operate a forklift would improve her employability within the company and open her up to further opportunities. After researching training providers, Nakel decided to attend a course with Detroit Training Center. The provider offered weekend courses, which appealed to Nakel, given her work schedule.

On December 10, 2016, Nakel successfully completed forklift training. She then met with staff at EDSI to update her resume in order to clearly reflect her skills and new certification. Additionally, staff assisted Nakel in preparing for interviews and how to approach discussions concerning a promotion within her workplace. She continues to work with her career coach and EDSI business service representatives to explore employment opportunities within her company and to locate additional prospects within her community. Nakel expressed the following: “I am happy about the progress that I’ve made and the help that I’ve gotten at the program. I have a clear goal and am determined to see it happen. I will have my Associate’s Degree soon and my Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic Science is next on the list! All of the steps that I’m taking are getting me closer to achieving my dreams. Thank you!” EDSI is proud of Nakel’s determination and progress toward her goals. We are excited to see where her perseverance will take her!

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