Success Story - Nakigudde Lukwago

Livonia PATH Team ·

Ms. Nakigudde Lukwago began participating with EDSI on July 7, 2015 and entered her Application Eligibility Period prior to enrollment in the Livonia, MI PATH program. Nakigudde met with a Career Development Facilitator and explained that she had arrived to the United States from Uganda a few years ago, and was now residing in a shelter with her four-month-old baby after leaving an abusive marriage. She came to the program with the desire to secure permanent housing and reliable childcare, as well as to pursue her career goals in the healthcare field. Nakigudde shared with us her feelings upon entering the program: "When I was given an invitation letter from MDHHS (Michigan Department of Health and Human Services), I had lost everything. I was jobless. My car was not drivable at all. To make matters worse, I was homeless with nowhere to go. Yet, I had a baby who depended on me. When I went to EDSI for my orientation, the moment I entered I was greeted with a smile which made me feel comfortable and welcomed. Throughout the orientation day, the staff was ready to work with me through everything so that I could get back on the right track."

Within weeks of her arrival to EDSI, Nakigudde secured reliable childcare. She also requested and received financial assistance through PATH supportive services for an auto repair. Now that she had a way to get around the area, Nakigudde could effectively search for housing. She found an apartment and with the assistance of community partners, began the process of furnishing her home. On July 20, Nakigudde moved into her new apartment.

As she engaged in services with EDSI, Nakigudde also updated her resume and attended workshops to help prepare her for employment. She improved her interviewing skills and received supportive services in order to purchase interview attire. On August 7, Nakigudde began training for a Certified Nursing Assistant position at a rehabilitation center. Following her training, she was offered a position and officially began employment on the August 11.

EDSI is amazed at Nakigudde's determination and perseverance in accomplishing her goals. We are excited to see where her career path takes her as she excels in her field! In looking back at her success, Ms. Lukwago shared that, "I learned it is ok to fail as long as I am ready to pick myself up and set my goals with the aim of achieving them. I learned how to depend on myself because I do have someone who depends on me. I thank EDSI for helping me be what I am today. I am a phenomenal woman. Nothing can stop this survivor, and I will forge ahead."

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