Success Story - Nedal Alshaibany

Livonia PATH Team ·

Nedal Alshaibany began participating with EDSI at the Michigan Works! Livonia PATH Office on May 5, 2015 when he entered into his AEP (Application Eligibility Period). During his initial meeting with a Career Development Facilitator (CDF), Nedal discussed his past employment experience. He expressed a desire to learn about computers or become trained as a truck driver. EDSI’s onsite internship program presented a perfect opportunity for Nedal to develop computer skills while meeting his PATH participation requirements in a work experience activity. After completing the AEP, Nedal enrolled in PATH and began in the internship’s Scanning Center. He quickly learned the processes and demonstrated his knowledge by training other interns.

While increasing his skills in the internship, Nedal continued to pursue employment. He previously worked as a driver and wished to continue in this field as a commercial truck driver. EDSI staff helped Nedal to identify CDL training schools and to prepare a resume suited for employment opportunities in the transportation industry. After researching his options and visiting multiple trucking facilities, Nedal decided to pursue training and received PATH supportive services funds from EDSI for the fees. In September, he began a course with International Trucking School (ITS) in Canton. Following completion of the course, ITS provided additional road training in advance of his driver’s skills test. On November 9th, EDSI received an update from ITS; Nedal passed his test! He began meeting with placement staff at both EDSI and ITS, and within one month, Nedal was hired for a driving position with Swift Transportation.

Nedal shared his experience in the following statement: “I would like to thank everyone that works at the EDSI office for their support and encouragement. They helped me find the job that I chose to be my future career. I would also like to show my appreciation for my internship supervisor (Rebecca Pettinger) for her support and for helping me to build my resume. I went for truck driving training at International Trucking School in Canton, and after I finished five weeks of training, I searched hard for a job. One day, I saw Swift Transportation online, and I called, and they welcomed me to interview with them. I attended orientation at their Swift terminal and am happy to go on the road to support my family and myself. I am very happy with my graduation and new employer. Thank you to all who helped me in succeeding.”

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