Success Story - Raqia Alrobayi

Livonia PATH Team ·

Raqia Alrobayi began participating with the EDSI Livonia Michigan Works! PATH office on October 7, 2015 when she entered into the AEP (Application Eligibility Period) process. After successfully completing her AEP, Raqia became a PATH participant.

Upon her enrollment into the program, Raqia's job focus was to return to the travel industry. Her education included an Associate's of Travel and Tourism degree from Centennial College in Toronto, and she expressed an interest in becoming a travel agent. While meeting with her Career Development Facilitator (CDF), Raqia shared concerns regarding her gap in employment. She recognized her need to remain relevant in the workforce and also to build on her computer and administrative skills. On January 5, 2016, she began participating at EDSI's onsite internship program.

EDSI's internship program offers four areas of focus which include a Scanning Center, Business Center, Publications and Creative Services. Raqia began participating in the Scanning Center, quickly learning procedural steps and sharpening her computer skills. In addition, the internship provided her with opportunities to develop her communication skills, making her more marketable in her field. Raqia also requested and received PATH supportive services funds for purchase of professional clothing and interview attire. As she took advantage of the services that EDSI provided, Raqia remained focused on her goal of employment.

As Raqia began networking as part of her job search, she found Rawan Travel and Tours and inquired about a travel agent position. The manager was impressed with her, but expressed concern as it had been 15 years since Raqia had been in the travel field. The manager offered her the opportunity to refresh her skills at his company for 90 days, after which employment would be considered. Raqia agreed and began her work experience activity with Rawan Travel and Tours on March 8, 2016. She expressed her excitement about returning to the travel field, while discussing the opportunity with her CDF.

Shortly after beginning her work experience, Raqia had car trouble. She worked with her CDF to obtain quotes for vehicle repairs and received supportive service funds in March. She was also provided with funds to purchase gasoline in order to help meet her transportation needs.

After completing her 90-day work experience, Raqia was offered full-time employment as a travel agent with Rawan Travel and Tours on June 1, 2016. She was excited about gaining employment and shared positive feedback about her PATH experience: "The support that I received was very helpful. I am very thankful to EDSI staff who gave me the courage and the push that I needed. Thank you!" EDSI is extremely proud of Raqia's accomplishments and career advancement. We are excited to see where her new career will take her!

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