Giving Back: EDSI's Volunteer Efforts

Wednesday January 11th, 2017 at 7:33am
Written by Deanna Tafelski - Project Manager

Every year, EDSI donates time, money and resources to numerous charitable organizations across the country. In order to help those in need, we participate in various volunteer opportunities and embed ourselves in the communities we serve by doing everything we can to help improve the lives of the diverse people in each community.

Thank you to all of our employees who lived our values of “Show Up, Smile and Support” and gave so generously to others this past year.

The following are a few pictures from our volunteer efforts:

Far Rockaway, NY Office Volunteers at Jacob Riis National Park

Employees from the Rockaway Workforce1 Career Center in Arverne, NY volunteered at Jacob Riis Park, a National Park located near the office on the Rockaway Peninsula. The team worked together to remove beach debris to beautify and restore the natural environment.

Adams and Franklin County Staffs Volunteer at the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen

Our Adams and Franklin County staffs served over 150 individuals at the Franklin County Salvation Army Soup Kitchen.

Staten Island, NY Office Volunteers at a Veterans Event

The Staten Island team set up a Veterans event at the Staten Island Mall. The event included the Borough President and local politicians.

Bucks County, PA Office Volunteers at Salute2Service

Bucks County staff filled a local church with clothing, food and supplies to help the nonprofit Salute2Service organization with its "Clothing Our People, Knocking Out Homelessness" event.

Prince George’s County, MD Office Volunteers at the Capital Area Food Bank

Staff from Prince George's County, MD helped sort apples and packaged goods at the Capital Area Food Bank in Washington, D.C.

Dearborn, MI Office Volunteers at Gleaners Community Food Bank and Vista Maria

Our Dearborn, MI staff bagged 2,916 lbs. of pasta and over 140 lbs. of snacks for those in need at Gleaners Community Food Bank. Another group sorted clothes and organized a boutique for girls at Vista Maria, one of Michigan’s largest nonprofit residential and community-based treatment agencies for youth suffering from abuse, neglect and other traumas.

Kerr-Tar Region, NC Offices Volunteer at the Capital Area Food Bank

EDSI teams in Henderson and Oxford, NC filled shoeboxes of toys and supplies for children in need through Operation Christmas Child.

Wilmington, DE Office Volunteers at Lutheran Community Services

Our Wilmington staff volunteered their time at Lutheran Community Services, an agency focused on providing emergency food, clothing, furniture, and housing and utility assistance for Delawareans who may be facing homelessness. Our team worked on the community vegetable and herb garden by clearing weeds from grassy areas, starting a compost site, and building protective garden bed covers to shield the garden from frost. Every vegetable and herb that grows to maturity in this garden is harvested and added to bags of groceries that are later provided to families in need of a warm meal. By helping protect vegetables from the frost, the EDSI team helped protect a few people from hunger.

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