Success Story - Kareem Hawkins

Monday January 30th, 2017 at 10:00am
Written by Livonia PATH Team

Kareem Hawkins began participating in the Livonia WIOA Youth Program on June 10, 2016, following his graduation from Redford Union High School. When Kareem met with the Youth Program’s Career Coach, he expressed a desire to pursue higher education and become employed.

Within the first few months of his participation with EDSI, Kareem prepared for employment through engaging in workshops as well as meeting one-on-one with staff. He worked to develop his resume and create cover letters as he searched for employment. In addition, he completed mock interviews with EDSI staff to learn how to best present himself to an employer. This preparation assisted Kareem as he attended job fairs hosted by EDSI at the Michigan Works! Livonia Service Center.

As part of his employment preparation, Kareem also attended training with Fraza Forklifts where he became a certified forklift operator. His certification paired with his attendance at an EDSI-hosted job fair assisted him in obtaining his first job as a production worker. He began working in August. Throughout his employment, Kareem remained focused on his overall career goals, including attending college in January 2017 to pursue an education in Computer Hardware Engineering.

In September, Kareem’s production position ended due to overstaffing. He immediately met with an EDSI Business Services Representative (BSR) to discuss his career goals in more detail. In October, his Career Coach became aware of a potential paid work experience position in the field of his desired career. Kareem met with his Career Coach and BSR to customize his resume and apply for a position with Global Information Technology (Global IT). He completed a mock interview with an EDSI Instructor that was industry-specific and on October 20, Kareem attended an interview with the director of Global IT. He was offered a full-time data entry position on the spot!

Global IT Director Manish Modi commented on the partnership: “We have been working with WIOA Youth for the past two years and have a myriad of young interns go on to advancing careers in IT and Office Support roles. Our newest intern is 18 year-old Kareem. He has been working in an office support capacity learning data entry, MS Office tools, and has his sights set on a CompTIA A+ Certification that will truly bring lifelong learning and career opportunities. We are looking forward to Kareem’s success.”

In the coming months, Kareem will also work in other departments including Career Services where he will be directly under the mentorship of Global IT Career Services Manager Jason Chapman. Here, he will learn aspects of job placement, from resume formatting to interview techniques. “I am very comfortable working here, learning the technology and hope to stay as long as possible,” said Global IT intern Kareem. “I will be learning about today’s job market and afforded opportunities I might not have known about without the WIOA Youth Program.”

EDSI is proud of Kareem’s focus and determination as he continues to strive to reach his educational and career goals. He is awaiting acceptance into three area colleges for 2017, and we are confident in his future of success.

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