Success Story - Michelle Ceoux

Monday May 8th, 2017 at 10:00am
Written by Livonia PATH Team

Michelle Ceoux began participating in the Livonia PATH Program on November 9, 2016. When she entered the program, Michelle was employed part-time as a Medical Assistant at an urgent care facility, however she was not earning enough money to achieve self-sufficiency for herself and her family. Transportation was a source of concern; Michelle was relying on a mix of public transportation, family assistance and cab service to get to work. At her PATH orientation, Michelle met with her Career Development Facilitator (CDF) Dawn Mathis and received information about supportive services available to PATH participants. During the next several weeks, she completed her Application Eligibility Period (AEP), maintained her work hours, gathered estimates for a car purchase request and made contact with a previous employer about possible employment opportunities. Obtaining her own vehicle would allow Michelle to confidently pursue her employment goals, and in December, EDSI approved her request and provided PATH supportive services funds for a car purchase.

Michelle greeted the New Year with excitement as she purchased her vehicle in January and accepted employment with her previous employer, Lakes Surgery Center (LSC) in West Bloomfield, as a Medical Assistant. The position entailed a higher wage, full-time hours and benefits. On February 1, Michelle enthusiastically arrived to the PATH office to reveal her vehicle purchase and share with us her thoughts about her PATH Program experience: “After hearing that I needed to attend this program, I was very upset; I automatically made up my mind that this program was not for women like me. Meaning that I knew everything I needed to know about getting and maintaining a job. I felt as if the employees that facilitate this program would only look down on me, because I had six kids and was temporarily underemployed. What I did not know was it was exactly the opposite! I forgot I needed support. I forgot I needed someone in my corner. That is exactly what this program offered me: support with whatever I needed. They challenged my mind to let me know that there are some things I would like to work on to better myself as a woman and as a mother. They helped me get a vehicle to take away the headache of having to worry about how I would make it to work on time. My CDF helped me out by telling me I could overcome any obstacle I may face, and if there is a will, there is a way. Even though I might have known this already, it felt good to have someone in my ear reinforcing what I knew I had to do. That extra push in the right direction is what this program has done for me. I thank God for it. I thought they would judge me, but I was the one judging them. This is a very good program.” EDSI is incredibly proud of Michelle’s accomplishments and is eager to see what the future has in store for her!

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