Success Story - Roger Magdaleno

Thursday July 6th, 2017 at 4:00pm
Written by Livonia WIOA Team

Roger Magdaleno served in the United States Army for over four years. Once he separated from the military, Roger had aspirations of becoming a truck driver. While exploring his career plan, he experienced legal problems and became incarcerated. Once released, he sought employment in a field that would give back to his community. Roger became a youth specialist in Detroit, assisting and mentoring at-risk teens. This was a valuable experience, however Roger still felt the desire to fulfill his true calling. To achieve this, he needed to obtain his CDL-A license.

On August 11, 2016, Roger arrived to the WIOA Orientation at the Michigan Works! Livonia Service Center, seeking options for CDL-A training. He was also receiving services from a Veteran Career Advisor located at the Service Center. As Roger proceeded through the WIOA Program’s eligibility process, he was a little hesitant about completing an assessment of math and reading skills. WIOA staff provided Roger with resources and onsite tutoring prior to the assessment. On testing day, Roger passed with flying colors! Shortly thereafter, Roger registered for the WIOA program.

Roger continued to work with his WIOA Career Coach, Fredonna Williams, and he attended many workshops to become more marketable within the job force. He also met with a Business Services Representative to discuss current employment opportunities. Throughout this process, Roger continued to explore training options. He requested and received WIOA funding to attend a CDL-A training program with All Stars Truck Driving School.

As he progressed through training, Roger continued to attend job fairs and apply for positions. The outcomes were not what he expected. He was unable to secure opportunities that were local or consistent, two things that were necessary as Roger considered his role as a parent. His Career Coach offered support and encouragement, and Roger pushed harder to achieve success in his training.

His endurance and dedication finally paid off. On February 9, 2017, Roger graduated with his CDL-A license! He called his Career Coach and they discussed several employment opportunities. He also received assistance in updating his resume to reflect his current credential. Roger applied to various trucking companies that would accommodate his desire to work locally, and he was referred to attend Eby-Brown’s job fair on February 23. His determination shined through. Roger attended and received a call back the following day! Four days after applying, he was offered the driver position. Roger was ecstatic that his new career was about to start. He shared his favorite quote concerning his journey: “Quitters don’t work and workers don’t quit. Never give up on your dreams.” EDSI is extremely proud of his perseverance, and our team is excited to see where his career drives him!

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