Marketing Conference/Event Request


Shipping Information

Information for Conference Specific Webpage

We will be creating a webpage to support your conference efforts. Here is a sample: Please complete the information below to help us populate your conference specific page.

Solutions to Highlight

Please select up to 4 specific service brochures you would like us to highlight on the webpage. Visit here - - to see all our brochure options and list your 4 selected options below by title.

EDSI Team Members Attending the Conference

Please provide information for up to 3 team members attending the conference or representing our booth.

Team Member #1

Team Member #2

Team Member #3

Tips and Tricks for a Great Conference

  1. Please get some candy and a candy bowl! :) We won't be sending these supplies from Dearborn and we know they really help to start a conversation.
  2. We will be sending you a digital PDF to print out with a QR code that participants can scan to visit your conference specific webpage. Print some of these to hand out or leave on the table to allow participants to scan. Click here to see a sample!