Philadelphia Youth Services

Are you a Philadelphia resident between the ages of 16 and 24?
Did you graduate high school?
Do you want to go to college, enroll in a training program, or purse an apprenticeship?
Did you not finish high school?
Do you want to obtain your GED?
Do you want to gain work experience?
Do you want to learn a new skill to land a job?

We can help!

EDSI Youth Services in Philadelphia offers WIOA Youth and E3 services to 16-24-year-old Philadelphia residents with or without a high school diploma and focuses on:

  • Education
    • Free tutoring is provided
    • Academic preparation for the four GED tests in Math, Reading, Language Arts, and Social Studies
    • Take each GED test for free ($120 value)
    • Receive the Commonwealth Secondary School Diploma
  • Career and Employment
    • Earn a weekly stipend
    • Virtual and in-person work experiences
    • Career readiness workshops and speakers
    • Resume development
    • Practicing for job interviews
  • Connections and Empowerment
    • Learn how to apply to and pay for college
    • Help locating free or low-cost training programs
    • Connections to apprenticeship opportunities
    • Help landing a job and creating a career pathway

Financial incentives are available to celebrate your wins such as earning your GED, enrolling in college, starting an apprenticeship, enrolling in a training program, completing a resume, and participating in a mock interview.

Supportive services are available to help you complete the program.


100 S. Broad Street
Suite 650
Philadelphia, PA 19110

Interested in earning your GED or gaining work experience and earning wages at the same time?

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