Industry Partnerships

Industry Partnerships (IPs) generally consist of teams of industry experts focused on addressing specific needs of within a given industry. EDSI participates in Industry Partnerships to assist in implementing innovative methods to meet the skills needs of industry sectors, the career goals of workers and the overall economic development goals as identified by the partnership.

EDSI is an expert in the development and advisory of Industry Partnerships for Public Transit, Manufacturing, Utilities, Logistics and Transportation. We specialize in forming joint labor-management (L/M) partnerships and cross industry partnerships – creating economies of scale to allow training programs maximum value for every dollar in resources.

Industry Partnerships can produce extremely impactful results when:

  • Skills and Training gaps exist across an industry
  • Industries must respond to technology and process advancements
  • Niche, unique industry characteristics exist
  • An industry is first emerging

EDSI understands our vision and helps us get there. Throughout the project, EDSI has helped to define more clearly what we need, redefine deliverables and propose feasible solutions. Monica Markovich; Program Manager, Educational and Training Programs - Indiana Department of Workforce Development

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