Prince George's Works Program

The Prince George’s Works Program began operation in September 2011. The program is responsible for helping individuals receiving Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA) by providing them with opportunities for employment. The program is run by a team of dynamic individuals whose focus is to help clients attain the ultimate goal of self-sufficiency. In 2014, our program began serving the Youth population.

  • Job Developers are located in the office to offer support with job search
  • Employment Consultants provide case management services to clients and assist them with remaining in compliance with the program
  • Instructors teach a certified Customer Service training program and daily job readiness workshops to provide clients with the necessary skills to secure employment
  • A Work Experience Coordinator connects with outside organizations to secure internship and volunteer opportunities for those clients in need of work experience to assist them with gaining employment
  • A family advocate is available to connect with outside agencies so they can assist clients with housing, mental health and substance abuse issues, and domestic violence situations

Prince George’s Works also offers advancement opportunities for individuals who have employment but are seeking to earn higher wages, and also monitors individuals for at least three months to ensure job retention is achieved.