Livonia PATH Program

Livonia, MI

30206 Plymouth Road
Livonia, MI 48150

About Us

EDSI's Livonia PATH Office is a SEMCA Michigan Works! partner serving TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) recipients. Our primary goal is to help our participants achieve self-sufficiency through job readiness training, volunteer opportunities, and job placement, while meeting PATH work participation requirements. Participants are referred to us by the Michigan Department of Human Services and after orientation, collaborate with EDSI staff to define goals and develop an activity plan. Our Career Development Facilitators provide case management and assist participants with any barriers to employability; our Placement Team builds relationships with employers and identifies qualified participants for job openings.

During their PATH enrollment, participants are engaged in volunteer work activity with outside employers or at our own centralized worksite, where they may serve in four departments: Scanning Center, Business Center, Publications and Creative Services. An exciting and unique component of our worksite is the COPE program – Choosing Optimism for Positive Engagement. During each work shift, participants spend fifteen to forty-five minutes with the COPE Coordinators, who facilitate the daily Focus Ready group. Focus Ready furthers participants’ understanding of how their thoughts either positively or negatively impact their feelings and behaviors, specifically in the workplace, life and family.

Virtual Career Job Fair by Michigan Works!

EDSI understands our vision and helps us get there. Throughout the project, EDSI has helped to define more clearly what we need, redefine deliverables and propose feasible solutions. Monica Markovich; Program Manager, Educational and Training Programs - Indiana Department of Workforce Development

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