Philadelphia NCP Program

Philadelphia, PA

100 South Broad St., Suite 1210
Philadelphia, PA 19110

About Us

The Non-Custodial Parent Program assists unemployed parents who are required to pay child support in obtaining and retaining full-time employment. The NCP Program provides participants with the tools to become self-sufficient and increases the ability for parents to provide for themselves and their families. Some of the tools provided include career counseling, job readiness classes, job placement, goal setting, ongoing contact with a career counselor, and additional specialized training. Referrals are received from the Philadelphia Family Court office.

For Participants

  • Job Readiness Workshops
  • Job Lead Referrals
  • Job Retention Services
  • Skill-Based Training
  • Individualized Case Management Services

For Employers

  • Prescreened Qualified Applicants
  • Qualified Referrals at No Cost
  • Individualized Support for Hiring Needs
  • Ongoing Support and Evaluation

At EDSI, their goal when they punch that clock in the morning is to help somebody succeed. William Clairborne - Philadelphia NCP Program Participant

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