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EDSI partnered with Indiana’s Vocational Rehabilitation Services to develop and deliver a two-day professional development training to Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors.  The training, entitled Career Counseling for Long-Term Consumer Success, focused on providing the necessary information and skills for counselors to be effective in employing a career-minded approach when counseling consumers. The intended outcome of this career-focused individualized counseling approach is the development for each consumer of an appropriate career pathway and detailed employment plan, resulting in long-term consumer success.  This training provided opportunities for both new and experienced counselors to develop, enhance, and practice essential skills. All training materials and content featured hands-on activities, role plays and case examples to address situations and scenarios counselors would experience on the job.  

This program with EDSI is very, very strong. There are a lot of successful people here, and I am one of them. Osha Wright - Pittsburgh RTC Program Participant

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