Philadelphia Cross-Center Services Program

Philadelphia, PA

PA CareerLink Suburban Station, 1617 JFK Boulevard, 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103

About Us

In 2015, EDSI was awarded a contract to serve as the Cross-Center Services provider to support Philadelphia Works' "No Wrong Door" model. EDSI operates as an intermediary to ensure consistent services between the Philadelphia integrated CareerLink® centers for jobseekers and employers, as well as oversee the community outreach and business services initiatives to connect with outside organizations. Cross-Center Services provides support to four PA CareerLink® locations: Suburban Station at 1617 JFK Boulevard, Philadelphia Northwest at 5847 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia West at 3901 Market Street, and Philadelphia North at 4261 North 5th Street.

At EDSI, their goal when they punch that clock in the morning is to help somebody succeed. William Clairborne - Philadelphia NCP Program Participant

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