Washington Heights Workforce1 Career Center

New York, NY

516 West 181 Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10033

About Us

About Us

Workforce1 is a service provided by the NYC Department of Small Business Services that prepares and connects qualified candidates to job opportunities in New York City. We make strong matches for both candidates and employers by using a unique combination of recruitment expertise, industry knowledge, and skill-building workshops to strengthen candidates’ employment prospects. Services are provided to individuals aged 18 and over in all five boroughs of New York City. EDSI operates the Staten Island, Upper Manhattan, Far Rockaway and Washington Heights Workforce1 Career Centers.

EDSI was awarded its contract to operate the Staten Island Workforce1 Career Center in April 2011. Our process-driven methods quickly helped to maximize organization and efficiency at the Staten Island Center, and have allowed us to continuously adapt and improve over time. Based on our success, this contract was expanded within the first year of operation. Then EDSI starting operating the Upper Manhattan Workforce1 Career Center in April of 2012. Since that time, the Upper Manhattan Workforce1 Career Center has provided career development and recruitment services to over 75, 000 individuals, significantly improving their prospects for gainful and permanent employment. In addition, we have worked as the exclusive recruitment source for high profile new restaurant  openings, staffing over 150 employees at each location.

Jobseeker Services

Membership services are available to all jobseekers interested in improving their skills, and finding the right employment opportunity. Available services include workshops, training grants, and individual career counseling and recruitment events. Individuals interested in membership can apply online, or come into the Career Center. Members receive a membership card which is good at all Career Centers citywide.

The Upper Manhattan Workforce1 Career Center also offers Priority 1 Services for Veterans and their spouses. A dedicated Veteran Specialist, a veteran himself, works closely with veterans/spouses to translate military experience, upgrade resumes, and provide supportive career counseling.

Business Development

NYC Business Solutions is a suite of services that help businesses start, operate and expand in New York City. Regardless of the size or stage of a business, NYC Business Solutions can help meet the needs of entrepreneurs and business owners.

Services available to businesses include:

  • Business Planning
  • Business Courses
  • Financing
  • Legal Review of Contracts and Leases
  • Hiring
  • Training Funds
  • Incentives
  • Navigating Government
  • Minority/Women-owned Business Enterprise Certification

Staff at the Upper Manhattan Business Solutions Center have developed relationships with over many employers throughout Manhattan and the Bronx, and continue to build our presence as the “go to” entity to recruit the most qualified candidates. Business relationships have continued to strengthen and more and more employers are relying on our services to fill their open positions. With a focus on food and accommodations, professional and technical services, information and arts and entertainment, Upper Manhattan NYC Business Solutions staff understands the ever changing needs of business owners and deliver quality services with a quick turn around and excellent results.

Immigrant Services

Our staff provides integrated and seamless services which are customized to meet the needs the New York City’s immigrant population. We do this by working with our onsite partner, the NYC Human Resources Administration, which offers public benefit support. EDSI continues to build a strong community partner program with many local nonprofit organizations, public libraries, colleges and faith-based organizations that provide services to the foreigh-born New York jobseeker. Our workshops are specialized to meet the needs of our immigrant populations such as "Understanding the American Workplace," "Advancement in the American Workplace," "Negotiation and Conflicts" and "Leading a successful Job Search." Our mission is to provide an initial career pathway for a livable wage and sustainable employment.

I strongly recommend EDSI as a vendor for any workforce knowledge retention needs. Jodi Wadel; Organization Development Consultant - Pennsylvania American Water Company

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