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President Barack Obama signed WIOA into law on July 22, 2014. Learn more about the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and how EDSI can assist you with your WIOA implementation plans.

EDSI provides comprehensive job readiness, case management, skills analysis, job placement and retention services to a variety of populations.  Learn more about our workforce development program services.

Looking for a data-driven approach to drive your talent management initiatives? Wondering which initiative in your laundry list should hold the top priority position?

With a mission to understand the needs of our customers, we provide innovative training to match current and emerging business requirements.

Career Coaching Today for Tomorrow’s Success is a practical, hands-on training approach, providing opportunities for staff to explore the paradigm shift caused by WIOA, reflect on their current practices and learn new techniques required to be efficient and effective.

Do you have the right plans and processes in place to achieve your goals?  Let's work together to take your organization to the next level of success.

At times, even the best organizations find themselves in distress. Let us help you stabilize and strengthen your organization to ensure a successful future.

On-the-Job Training, also known as OJT, involves the teaching of skills, knowledge and competencies needed to perform a specific job within the workplace and work environment.

Learn more about Skilldex, the web-based engine we utilize at EDSI to ensure we are able to exceed your skills analysis, hiring and knowledge retention needs.

As America’s population ages, so does its workforce. At EDSI, we’ve developed a process to identify “what” skills and knowledge will be lost and “when” the losses will occur.

EDSI offers customized, responsive, action-oriented training and technical assistance to local workforce programs around the country.

Let us help you take your region to the next level and achieve your workforce development goals. We’ll bring key stakeholders to the table to determine gaps between the skills and competencies needed by industry and manufacturing and those covered in existing education and training programs.

At EDSI, we recognize that you expect a unique combination of three P’s – People, Process and Perspective. Let’s partner to start building a better workforce today.

We’ll work together to enhance your workforce development efforts and ensure your One-Stops are operating effectively and efficiently. 

We are proud of our enduring relationships as trusted advisors, continually focused on solving your most complex needs with innovative solutions.

EDSI partners with local and state adult education systems to provide a strategic approach to preparing students for career and college readiness.

We will help you jumpstart new employees to a successful entry into your organization by developing company or industryspecific intensive and immersive training programs. We call these Training Bootcamps!

Strengthening your connections with local employers by aligning courses and training services that meet their specific needs is essential to ensure employment success in your communities.

Backpacks to Briefcases helps recent college graduates secure internships that will lead to permanent employment opportunities.  

Losing skilled workers? Organizations around the country expect to lose a significant number of skilled workers due to retirement over the next 5 years as Baby Boomers exit the workforce.

Using the process laid out by EDSI helped us to create the right gatekeeper responsibilities and tasks, so we can ultimately focus more on the fit of candidates to the Cornerstone culture. Tom Willis; CEO - Cornerstone Charter Schools

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