Knowledge Accelerators

Knowledge Accelerators are 1-8 week training events focused on quickly upskilling a group of new hires or employees.

If you are like most companies we work with, you need the right people, with the right skills, to make your company run. And you need these employees quick!

We will help you jumpstart new employees to a successful entry into your organization by developing company or industry-specific intensive and immersive training programs. We call these Knowledge Accelerators.

A Process That Works

1) Identify Critical Jobs Needed

We work with company or industry experts to determine the most critical jobs to fill

2) Job Task Analysis (JTA)

Working with subject matter experts, we identify the critical responsibilities and tasks needed to perform the job successfully

3) Create Curriculum to Match Critical Job Needs and Skills

We work to develop comprehensive curriculum needed to jumpstart employee success

4) Create Training Materials

We develop the tools and delivery methods to most effectively impart skills and knowledge

Service Details

Companies need skilled and unskilled workers to be successful. We create a bridge to successful employment through immersive training programs.

Our knowledge accelerators generally range between 1-8 weeks and focus on 3 core areas:

  • Foundational Skills - reading, writing and arithmetic!
  • Company or Industry-Specific Hard Skills – all the things that make you unique!
  • Soft Skills – important variables for success like communication and dependability!

Our Turnkey Programs Include:

  • Design
  • Build
  • Recruitment
  • Training Delivery
  • Program Management
  • Job Placement

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Pre-screened and pre-trained employees in hard-to-fill positions
  • Increased employee satisfaction and retention
  • Customized, faster, smarter training approach
  • Professional development and skill upgrade opportunities for existing employees