At EDSI, we take a holistic approach to talent, and our process most often begins with assessment services designed to identify the "current state" of your organization. We start by collecting and analyzing data on how your organization is performing today, so we can build and implement impactful talent road maps. Knowing where we are today helps us to envision and plan for where we will be tomorrow.

Armed with data and experience, we identify specific issues causing underperformance and provide focused and impactful solutions to improve business performance. Together we will improve and refocus talent management efforts in areas such as talent attraction, talent retention, learning and development, organizational strategy, culture and organizational structure.

Take the first step in your organization’s talent journey today by completing our talent survey at The survey takes an average of 15 minutes to complete, and results are automatically sent upon completion to show how your organization measures up as you strive to improve your internal talent initiatives.

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Take the first step in your organization’s talent journey by completing our talent survey. Customized talent analysis from experts at EDSI awaits...

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Using the process laid out by EDSI helped us to create the right gatekeeper responsibilities and tasks, so we can ultimately focus more on the fit of candidates to the Cornerstone culture. Tom Willis; CEO - Cornerstone Charter Schools

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