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At EDSI, we know it's our people who make the difference. With a wide range of positions and locations, each EDSI office has one common denominator - we are made up of people who have a passion for helping other people. If you feel you share our same mindset, we'd like to hear from you!

Our recruiting process is driven by our proprietary Skilldex system. We get everybody speaking the same language by developing task-based job profiles and evaluating applicants against specific skills, responsibilities, and tasks. Each job posting will include a link to an online skills survey.

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Show Up, Smile, Support

EDSI's CEO, Kevin Schnieders, shares a bit about the culture at EDSI and how three simple phrases - show up, smile, support - help to guide the organization.

What One Word Describes EDSI?

What one word describes EDSI? Hear what a handful of EDSI employees had to say...

EDSI Interview Process


Typically the EDSI interview process will begin with a phone call from an EDSI recruiter. During this brief initial conversation, the recruiter will ask several questions and provide a general overview of the position at hand. If you move forward in the interviewing process, you will be asked to complete an additional short online survey, powered by AcuMax, which helps to further identify where you best fit within the organization. Also, you will be scheduled for additional interviews within one week of the pre-screen if you move forward in the interviewing process.

1st Interview

If you are chosen to move forward in the process, you will be contacted to schedule a first interview. We will schedule a time for you to report to one of our local offices. You will be scheduled for additional interviews within one week of the first interview if you move forward in the interviewing process. You will be sent a Skilldex survey for the position. Skilldex helps us identify your skill sets related to the position.

2nd Interview

If you move beyond the first interview, you will be contacted again to schedule a second interview, this time with the manager where the position is located. This allows you to see the office in person and get a feel for the day-to-day operations. In addition to meeting with your potential manager, you may have an opportunity to talk with other staff members. In some situations, there may be additional interviews scheduled before a decision is made.

Candidate Selection

Once all interviews with potential candidates have been completed, the candidate whom we are interested in offering a position will be contacted via phone and an official offer letter will be sent via email. We request applicants to accept or decline an offer within 48-72 hours.

This program with EDSI is very, very strong. There are a lot of successful people here, and I am one of them. Osha Wright - Pittsburgh RTC Program Participant

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