Jim Bitterle - Talent Strategy Expert

Attract, Develop, Retain and Win!

Attracting and retaining talent is a constant issue for today’s leaders. Do you have the tools you need to compete and win?

Jim is a talent management expert and is passionate about helping companies understand how to win in today’s cut-throat war for talent. In his presentations, Jim provides insight into how the new world of talent works, and how top companies are responding.

Most importantly, Jim offers corporate leaders practical tools and advice focused on four key areas:

  • Attracting top talent
  • Developing your own talent
  • Engaging and retaining your best and brightest
  • Creating a winning culture

Jim also offers executive level presentations to help key leaders understand what is happening in the talent management arena, and how top organizations respond. Jim Bitterle is a speaker available for presentations at corporate events and conferences.

Speaking Topics

Building Your Talent Pipeline - 10 Practical Tools

This best-practices presentation shares insider knowledge on what top companies are doing to attract and develop great talent. Learn how you can develop and upskill your existing talent by finding out what has led to success for companies like yours!

Winning the Talent War

Coined The Talent War, the current situation for many HR leaders has left them struggling to find and keep the talented workers they need. To help them fight and win this war, Jim shares his top tips and tricks to attendees that they can use to develop, attract, retain and manage the talent they need. This presentation also touches on how to analyze your current workforce and to meet the needs of your required future workforce.

Growing Your Own (Talent)

Many industries are competing to hire people with similar skill sets. Companies that have succeeded in this cut-throat talent world, have found a way to compete smarter, by engaging and developing their own talent. In this informative presentation, Jim offers tools these top companies use to develop their key talent. Delve into success stories about building your own corporate university, and other tools the healthiest companies are using to develop talent on an ongoing basis.

Developing Career Paths - What, Why and How?

How do millennials differ from gen x’ers and baby boomers? They want to know what growth opportunities your company can provide them and what they are going to learn while working for you. In this presentation, Jim takes you through a critical discussion about creating career ladders and lattices. These are great attraction and development tools that significantly help with retention for all employees. The presentation includes an overview of what career ladders and lattices are, why are they important, and how you create them. This comprehensive presentation is packed with research, best practices and common sense.

Succession Planning and Leadership Development

This presentation is very specific, covering two distinct elements. The first, succession planning, is geared toward baby boomers who own businesses or run corporations and are planning to retire. A key issue in this common situation is that most upcoming leaders lack the skills and knowledge required of these senior roles. Attendees to this presentation will learn the typical mistakes made in succession planning, and how to do it effectively. Related to succession planning is the concept of leadership development. In this portion of the presentation, Jim will share the processes and strategies to help the audience attract, develop, and retain new leadership.

Building Your Talent Pipeline - 10 Practical Tools - "Referral Hiring Bonuses"

Building Your Talent Pipeline - 10 Practical Tools - "Career Sculpting"


Jim has a unique way of connecting with his audience which is energetic, yet disarming, with just the right amount of humor mixed in. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing several of his presentations at conferences such as the Michigan Economic Developers Association to the American Association of Employers. His presentations are always of the highest caliber, from large venues to small groups. Jim Bitterle will be the highlight of any event or conference.” – Eldon Preston, Business Services Liaison GST Michigan Works

Jim did a great job presenting on succession planning and leadership to our audience. He has an excellent understanding of the topic.” – Patricia Lucas, Executive Director Lapeer Development Corporation

Was pleasantly surprised with the relevance of this topic. Jim was enthusiastic and engaging and really taught me about something I didn't know I needed to learn about.” – Anonymous Attendee

Our attendees rated Jim a 5 out of 5 as an overall speaker!” – Denese Ennis, Director of Member Engagement, Michigan Association of CPAs 

Jim's presentation was excellent, very informative and interactive. I thoroughly enjoyed it!” – Jessica B. Unangst, Director of Human Resources & Administrative Services, City of Owosso

Wonderful topic, even better speaker!” – Anonymous Attendee 

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