Pittsburgh and Allegheny County EARN and NCP Programs

The Pittsburgh office has been open since 1994, making it the first Reemployment Transition Center (RTC) that EDSI opened. This office specializes in job placement for an array of clientele including welfare recipients, noncustodial parents and retired seniors. During our years of operation, we have placed thousands of job seekers in level entry, second and third tiered jobs. Currently, there are four programs: Employment, Advancement and Retention Network (EARN) through the City of Pittsburgh and through Allegheny County; Non-Custodial Program (NCP); and Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). Allegheny County contracts both the county EARN and STEP programs; Pittsburgh Partnership contracts the City EARN program; and the Allegheny County Family Division, through the Department of Child Enforcement, contracts the NCP program. Always looking for new opportunities and ways to help more parts of the community, a new Veterans Employment Program is being developed. Each jobseeker is given access to a job search team including Employment Consultants (EC), Job Developers (JD) and Instructors that will aid in job search. Hands-on training is offered through a Centralized Work Site (CWS) for those participating in Community Service (CS) and Paid Work Experience (PWE). The CWS is designed to emulate a real worksite with similar rules and responsibilities. The additional benefits of the Centralized Work Site are the imbedded job-readiness workshops provided that help jobseekers conduct interviews, complete applications, retain employment, complete job search, etc. Additional workshops outside of the CWS include mock interviewing, Choosing Optimism for Positive Engagement (COPE), specialized job readiness classes, and one-on-one time with an EC/JD team. We also provide a stand-alone two-week job readiness/customer service training for our jobseekers. Regularly, a multitude of guests are invited to the office to address job openings, appropriate interview behavior, childcare issues and personal topics dealing with everything from anger management to court issues and taxes. Employers are often invited to the office to conduct interviews and discuss the interviews with the JDs, giving invaluable feedback. As jobseekers gain skills through workshops, CWS and working one-on-one with the JDs, personalized job leads are handed to them weekly, with the initial goal of employment and the end goal being a career path to self-sufficiency.

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