Closing the Skills Gap with Skilldex®

Assessing the marketable skills of employees is critical in matching employees to new employment opportunities, as well as identifying training and other skill development needs. At EDSI, our process for assessing employee skills leverages our proprietary Skilldex system, developed from over 30 years of experience in workforce development and customized training.

Skilldex is a web-based system that surveys individual skills and identifies and catalogs the skill needs of employers - especially employers with a shortage of workers or a high demand for specific skills. We get everybody speaking the same language by developing task-based job profiles and evaluating applicants against specific skills, responsibilities and tasks. Skilldex matches employees or job seekers to employers, producing a job match report as well as a skills gap report identifying training and skill development needs. 

Equally important, Skilldex helps to identify training and development needs of current employees within an organization, helping both individuals and organizations reach their full potentials. Click here to download our Skilldex brochure.

Oh-Penn Manufacturing Collaborative

Bridging the gap between training centers and employers, the Oh-Penn Manufacturing Collaborative is helping people find jobs.

Business Journal Daily Interview with Ken Mall

Interview with Ken Mall and the Business Journal Daily regarding the Oh-Penn Pathways to Competitiveness project.

Skilldex Animation

Check out the Skilldex animation video to learn more about our unique tool. At EDSI, we know that we can use Skilldex to help organizations, government agencies and education and training providers develop better, faster, smarter solutions.

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This program with EDSI is very, very strong. There are a lot of successful people here, and I am one of them. Osha Wright - Pittsburgh RTC Program Participant

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Public RFP

EDSI requests qualified independent certified public accountants to submit proposals to enter into a contract to perform Copier Replacement and Maintenance services.

Click here to learn more about this Request for Proposal (RFP) and to download a .docx version of the RFP document.

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