Youth Services

Populations Served: Youth, ages 18-24 who may be in or out of school

Helping Today’s Youth

In 2017, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the rate of unemployment among young people under 25 was 9.4%. Without prior work experience, youth find it hard to obtain employment. Our In-School and Out-of-School Youth programs help clients gain the skills they need for high-demand jobs in their communities. We provide training, workshops, field trips,  mentoring and internships that allow youth to explore new areas and find out what they are good at.

Our program has three phases:

·         Phase 1: Employability and training preparation

·         Phase 2: Workplace exposure and post-secondary education/training

·         Phase 3: Employment


Youth work with a Career Advisor to create a Career Pathway Plan toward sustainability in a field that capitalizes on the youth’s unique talents. Our cohort program design allows youth to move through the program as a group, learning teamwork skills and providing support to each other as they share similar experiences. We target youth who may face substantial barriers to employment: those who are in the foster system, at risk of dropping out of school or facing poverty and other challenges. 

Helping Today’s Youth

Without prior work experience, it is difficult for youth to obtain employment.  We spent some time with unemployed youth listening to their needs and trying to see through their eyes.

The Tooling and Manufacturing Association would strongly suggest EDSI be selected for any workforce related initiative with the goal of developing a structured pipeline of employee candidates or improving the productivity of incumbent employees. Daniel Kiraly; Director of Education - Tooling and Manufacturing Association

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