Helping great companies and communities train and retain great people.

EDSI's COVID-19 Response

When the world changed, we changed. EDSI has always strived to support our communities and we know technology is essential in our line of work. So when most of the world shut down, we immediately connected to our customer using virtual tools. We put our culture to the test and are proud of the way we showed up for those who needed us the most. EDSI is here for you. To show up, smile and support you.

Workforce Development Program Solutions

EDSI has provided workforce development program services for over 35 years. Within this business segment, we assist individuals with the transition from unemployment to employment and from under-employment to self-sufficiency. EDSI works hard to promote unsubsidized employment, self-sufficiency, and smooth program operations for our government clients.

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Consulting Solutions

When companies and individuals find themselves in a time of transition, they turn to us. At EDSI Consulting, we provide world class advisory services to a variety of corporations, quasi-public entities and governmental agencies. Our history of success stems directly from our commitment to providing our clients with the absolute highest level of service through our diverse and talented team.

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At EDSI, we know it's our people who make the difference. With a wide range of positions and locations, each EDSI office has one common denominator - we are made up of people who have a passion for helping other people.

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Talent Solutions

It's no secret, the most valuable asset in your organization is your people. At EDSI, we are passionate about helping you harness the power of your workforce by developing and implementing effective people plans.

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EDSI Talent Assessment

Take the first step in your organization’s talent journey by completing our talent assessment. Get the free report and see how you compare to other companies....

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1/2 Day Talent Planning Session

EDSI’s Talent Planning Session is designed to help companies win the war for talent. Our talent experts use a simple, 3-step process to ensure your company has a plan to succeed.

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Succession Planning

Did you know that 95% of small or middle market companies do not have formal succession plans? Is it time for your organization to start planning for succession success?

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